Foundation Program

Dates: June 2019

Price: $9,990.00

Tutor: ACA Tutors

Over 20 weeks you will be inspired by the most experienced tutors ACA have on staff. The program will only be offered to those who show the talent and ability as well as the potential and promise to take the next step in their career journey. This Foundation Program will be your best next step to gain entry into a full-time course in Australia or overseas or to accelerate your training to enter the profession.

“So incredibly, incredibly inspiring. Thank you so much.”Angelica
“It is a blessing to be here and to know and learn more about the craft and about myself. Thank you.”David
“I feel so lucky to have had these experiences and have had the most wonderful time.”Eloise
“Your teachings have been an invaluable part of my process as an actor. The vigour and passion you have inspired in me is what fuels me. Thankyou always.”Georgia
“What an absolutely amazing opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to have this experience. This is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.”Jessie
“Thank you so much for you guidance and support over the past 24 weeks. It was such a great journey.”Kristy
“An incredible opportunity to study at ACA with the most amazing tutors. I have learnt so much and had the best time doing what I love. Thank you for inspiring me.”Madeleine
“Thank you for such an incredible experience over this past 6 months.”Oliver
“Unbelievably great! Thank you!”Philippa
“Thank you for the opportunity – it has been a great experience and invaluable.”Sophie
“You have given me the most amazing opportunity. Thank you!”Tayman
“What you have given me in these 24 weeks will be invaluable on my journey. Thank you.”Zac

4 Stages of 5 weeks duration

Each stage has its dedicated core subjects and performance outcomes.Each stage also creates an acting foundation with the bedrock skills required to take every aspect of acting understanding to a new level of rigorous achievement for every participant.


Class time:

Mondays - Thursdays: 6:30 pm - 10 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm 


Stage ONE:
Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation, language power, stage combat, creative state, character.
Presentations: stage combat.

Stage TWO:
Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation, language power, sonnets, Shakespeare, singing, character.
Presentations: sonnets.

Stage THREE:
Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation/comedy, language power, screen, Shakespeare, mask, singing, scene work.
Presentations: singing/Shakespeare.

Stage FOUR:
Subjects: acting, voice, body, improvisation/comedy, language power, screen, Chekov, scene work.
Presentations: scene work public performance.

Payment for the course can be made in instalments.
$3,000 to be paid 3 weeks before course commencement.
$2,500 end of stage one.
$2,500 end of stage two.
$1,990 end of stage three.

SEASON PASS: You will also be invited to all of Actors Centre Australia’s performances and join special guests who come to share their craft and wisdom at ACA, including any international masterclasses - all included as a part of your program with us. You will also be given VIP passes to all special events and exhibitions here at the Forum Performance Precinct.

The Foundation Program Lecturers

This 21 hours per week for 20 weeks program of deep inquiry and accelerated learning is led by ACA’s  Johann Walraven with guest workshops by Dean Carey, Adam Cook and very special industry guests. This is the time and opportunity to take you further than you might have thought possible through focused, integrated and intensive learning.

    Your Teaching Team will include:
  • Dean Carey – ACA CEO/Creative & Founding Director
  • Adam Cook – Director of the Full-time Course and with 25 years of commercial directing
  • Jennifer West – Head of Voice, Full-time Course
  • Julia Cotton – Head of Movement, Full-time Course
  • Johann Walraven – Open Access Director
  • Anthony Skuse – Head of Performance, Full-time Course
  • Gale Edwards – international director, Emmy-award Winner, Royal Shakespeare Company, West End, Broadway
  • Lyn Pierse – Author of Australian Theatre Sports manual and Impro expert
  • Rowena Balos – USA voice teaching veteran
  • In 2015, 2016 & 2017 tutors also included: Philip Quast, Troy Harrison, Angela Punch-McGregor, Steve Bisley and an array of the best of the best.

ACA’s team of expert trainers look forward to welcoming you to Sydney’s leading Foundation Program for 2019.


Application via Digital Audition/Submission:

To apply for The Foundation Program 2019 please send or upload a filmed self-test/audition which includes:

  • An introduction to yourself including your name, age, and where you’re from (30 sec max).
  • Why you believe this program is your best next career step (30 sec max).
  • A very brief introduction to your chosen piece i.e. character name, title of the play and the author (30 sec max).
  • Audition piece of your choice can be either dramatic or comic and either a Shakespearean monologue OR a modern/contemporary theatre or film monologue (2 mins max).
  • Note: The piece should be of quality footage needing clear vocals, sufficient light and shot on an iPhone or Android.

Once you’ve captured the take which best represents you, either upload it as a private and password protected Vimeo or YouTube video using the password “Foundation2019” and send us the link (URL)/ DVD or USB with your application form. Postal address: ACA Sydney PO Box 361, Leichhardt, NSW 2040.


We look forward to viewing your work.