Gabriella Maselli McGrail

Collaborative Trainer

Gabriella Maselli McGrail

Want to be an influential, engaging and effective public speaker?

Transform Your Public Speaking!

Through collaborative, creative and relaxed sessions hosted by Gabriella Maselli McGrail, you will learn simple yet effective techniques to help you become a very accomplished speaker. Based on an approach grounded in acting & casting experience, you will discover how to truly connect with your audience, demonstrate confidence and present in an exciting and engaging way. The sessions aim to build confidence, not knock it down, so all levels of competency are welcome.

Presenting Approach:

  • Decoding the style and tone of script and presentation;
  • Techniques to connect to your subject matter;
  • Playing the script truthfully via essential performing tools;
  • Learning how to read the room and win over your audience; Shaping your speech - energy, variety and meaning;
  • Creating a strong, centred and controlled voice;
  • Understanding posture and body language;
  • Helping to feel more confident and relaxed - conquering nerves;