“ACA rolled out an action-packed session for our team which took the energy, connection and alignment of the group to new levels. The games and processes were fun, dynamic and exactly what we wanted for our team. It was a workshop everyone went away from positive and motivated.”

Kimberley Anderson

National HR Business Manager/Acting HR Director
Fitness First Australia Pty Ltd 
"We have an experienced team of presenters and facilitators and were looking for a provider who could challenge us whilst making us more powerful and effective communicators. The ACA program met all of the criteria and exceeded them. The tools, stagecraft, confidence building and energy management skills were immediately applicable and has improved my presentation skills to large audiences enormously. I recommend the ACA program to any performance team looking to raise their presentation performances".

Joe Porteus

Director, ALTUSQ. 
"Dean Carey created an extraordinary experience which significantly elevated my and my colleague's ability to connect with our audience - whether 1 or 1000".

Steve Shepherd

Coach, Shirlaws
"Dean Carey runs an excellent presentation skills workshop that harnesses an individual's skills in a way that is unique and extremely useful. This is unlike other workshops".

Mark Eggleston

Coach, Shirlaws
"A big ‘THANK YOU’ in making the 2008 St. George Illawarra Dragons Season Launch such a wonderful success! We really appreciate all your hard work in making the event ‘sparkle’ and it’s just fantastic working with such a lovely group of people."

Janel Farrell

Operations Coordinator
Creative Stars Events & Experiences
"Dean Carey accepted a commission and gave us back the gift of his creativity and experience. The play was enriched by his complete commitment to making what we wanted come to pass. He understood what we wanted better than we did and made it so much more. The association of the SCG Trust with Dean Carey and Actors Centre Australia was just about the happiest day of my 15 years of sublime involvement with this special place. I dips me lid to everyone who made our play happen."


Sydney Cricket Ground Trust
"Bringing to life NRMA's rich history in a new and interesting way was certainly a challenge, however after engaging the team from ACA I was instilled with confidence that they could deliver this message in an entertaining fashion. And entertain they did! The professionalism and standard of performance delivered from The Actors Centre ensured that our event was a truly memorable occasion. The feedback has been overwhelming and I certainly look forward to working them in the future."

Yvonne Christensen

Events Manager
Community Engagement & Member Motoring
NRMA Motoring & Services