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Accelerating Excellence into Your Organisation

ACA corporate has carefully designed a range of courses, coaching sessions and workshops tailored to suit business from small to medium enterprises, through to government and large corporations. Each one has been developed to both challenge and inspire participants to push outside of their comfort zone and achieve personal and professional goals.

Power Performance for Professionals

Gain the knowledge, skills and insight to successfully prepare, plan and deliver engaging presentations while empowering you to educate, motivate and inspire your audience. ACA Corporate have specially designed courses and workshops developed for both presenting to media, a live audience, and presenting to camera.

Presenting Courageously

Transform your communication skills and gain strength in confidence, physical & voice presence; including your posture and voice projection, along with valuable tools and knowledge into preparing, building, developing and delivering remarkable presentations and making a positive impact on your audience. 

Goal Setting/Time Management

Do you have a million things on your plate and can’t seem to get daily or weekly tasks completed in the time frame you want?  Have you got some great ideas floating around, yet haven’t managed to put them into plan or action?  ACA Corporate has the solution for you.  Learn how to set achievable goals, plan and prepare your daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals in advance, and set purpose built time management systems in place to have you performing at your optimum.

Dress For Success

ACA Corporate has Australia's leading fashion stylist/men's suit designer and corporate and formal-wear expert, Eduardo Xavier on our team to collaborate with you and your staff to get you to performing at your full potential. He will work closely with each individual on how to dress for success, make an influential impact in the corporate world for on-going success, and give valuable industry insight plus fun fashion tips and tricks along the way. 

Sales, Service, Results

Work with multi-award winning sales and business executives to refine your customer relationship building skills, learn how to overcome objectives with integrity, and set plans and procedures to reach over and above your sales targets and key performance indicators. This course has been developed for small groups, and can also be tailored for individual coaching.

Empower, Encourage, Lead

Are you an influential leader?  Is your team working with you in unity?  Discover how to empower, encourage and lead your team to greatness! Reach goals, deliver targets and have your team working at their full potential.

Women Of Influence

ACA Corporate are honoured to have an amazing group of women trainers and keynote speakers working to help you become the incredible woman of influence you were created to be. We have many female celebrity trainers, and business coaches on Team ACA who are passionate about sharing their success stories and ultimately guiding you to achieve your own personal and professional goals. Our team have designed and developed outstanding workshops for women, and can also tailor a bespoke program for one-on-one coaching to get you achieving your goals quicker and to see you flourish in your day-to-day life.

Public Speaking For Elite Executives

Work directly with one of our sensational professional speakers to refine your public speaking skills and have you delivering exceptional keynote presentations at your next pubic speaking event. These courses can also be delivered to small groups if you wish to collaborate with other business executives. 

Young Entrepreneurs

Discover how to get your aspirational hopes and dreams to fruition! Work alongside successful entrepreneurs in either one-on-one tailored coaching sessions, or in small group workshops. Get in tune with your inner innovative entrepreneur and get your dreams, visions and plans into action.

Communicate With Excellence – communicate/write/present

Work with well-known writers, producers, directors and presenters and learn how to write, develop and deliver stand-out pitches and presentations. Tap into your creative side with our team of industry experts and become the best in your field! This is offered in either workshop, short course or one-on-one coaching programs.

IMPROactive Team Building Workshop Event

A high energy, interactive, on-your-feet, fun experience for all participants designed to:

  • Raise and release energy in the workplace
  • Increase the desire to work as a team by building rapport and trust
  • Encourage a more confident, open and client-focused approach by sharpening and focusing the team’s listening and questioning skills
  • Activate the ability to quickly establish empathy and trust with clients
  • Encourage quality communication within the work environment. Through a shared group challenge called Mastering the Maze, and then through a series of fun, action-packed games and processes (theatre-sports based) levels of fun, creativity, self-expression and confidence are awakened and enhanced.

The benefits from this workshop are

  • A boost to staff morale and the way team members work with each other and communicate
  • A heightened sense of company collaboration and connectedness, and
  • A growth in the repeat business with clients through increased customer satisfaction.

Customised training tailored to suit your business and staff needs